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Funding Objectives

  • To formulate and implement policies for the advancement of and assistance to the performing arts generally in the City of Palmerston North.

  • To make grants, loans or subsidies to any person living within the City of Palmerston North to assist him or her to undertake studies, assignments or commissions pertaining to the performing arts.

  • To make grants or to pay subsidies or make advances to any person, body or organisation in the City of Palmerston North engaged in the execution, creation, presentation, performance, development or encouragement of any of the performing arts.

  • To commission or arrange for the giving of any artistic performances in the City of Palmerston North.

  • To make awards to any citizens of the City of Palmerston North for outstanding accomplishments in the performing arts.

  • By such means as the Trustee considers expedient or practical to make accessible to citizens of the City of Palmerston North all types of performing arts.

  • To advise and assist any person, bodies or organizations engaged in activities relating to or concerned with the performing arts in the City of Palmerston North.

  • To collect examine, disseminate, or publish any Information relating to the performing arts in general or to any particular performing art.

  • To do whatsoever the Trustee considers desirable or necessary in order to stimulate activity in the performing arts so that the Trustee may best accomplish the purposes of this Trust.


Apply for a Grant

Applications are open from 1st August – 30th September each year.

To check your eligibility and to apply, more information will be available via the “Read More” link below shortly before the opening date each year.

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